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2023 Employee of the Year – Brooke Harshaw

Brook Harshaw accepting 2023 Employee of the Year award from Mayor Peggy Dunn
Like many Leawood employees, Brooke has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, hard work, and a commitment to excellence throughout the year. Her contributions have not only played a pivotal role in the success of our team but have also set a high standard for professionalism and achievement that we strive for throughout the City of Leawood.

Throughout 2023, not only did Brooke maintain her great standing as a Firefighter,
Brooke took it upon herself to do many things outside of her normal day-to-day job:

  • She reached out to area colleges/universities, developed a presentation, shared her story and the benefits of working for the City to help aid in recruitment.
  • As a member of our Peer Support Team, Brooke serves as a trained observer and counselor to help those subjected to the various mental and physical stressors of public safety.
  • Brooke capitalized on her background and degree in education to redesign the curriculum of one of the Fire department’s community outreach programs of which Leawood Fire employees used to instruct 2,535 people, 1,858 of which were children, in October 2023.
  • She volunteered for water rescue, CPR and First-Aid, infant and car seat installation, and earned her paramedic license after completing 24-hour ambulance internships and classroom work.
  • Brooke also volunteered for the local Camp Fury program, a nationwide program started in Arizona that is designed to empower girls to consider careers in firefighting and law enforcement. Her contributions were recognized and she was asked to help with a much larger offering in Arizona in 2024 with the plan to undertake this all on her own, only simply asking for time off.

We are grateful to have Brooke as part of our City family, and we look forward to seeing her continued impact for many years to come. Please join us in congratulating Brooke for this well-deserved recognition!

Google Fiber

Description: For additional internet opportunities, Google Fiber is installing new fiber and network facilities in the City of Leawood. Ervin Cable Construction, LLC is contracted to complete the work on behalf of Google Fiber. The work is expected to occur in the City regulated right-of-way along roads and in front yards. If you have questions or concerns regarding Google Fiber work, please use the contact information provided below.

Customer Concerns / Questions: All construction-related concerns and inquiries must be directed to Google Fiber’s 24/7 Construction Line – 1-877-454-6959. This includes matters regarding restoration and repair

What to Expect:

  • Ground Markings: Various colors of paint, flags and other ground markings are required to denote the locations of utilities to minimizing conflicts.
  • In-Ground Box Installation: Small, underground fiber-optic boxes will be installed within the right-of-way of homes and developments.
  • Orange Construction Fencing: Fencing will be installed to denote and secure all open excavations. Removal of the fencing indicates the area has been restored and is secure.
  • Sod Restoration:
    • Sod will be installed for restoration purposes during the defined “sod season” of March 1st to May 15th, and September 1st to November 15th, each year.
    • Temporary measures of restoration consists of the installation of seed and matting, which are installed during “non-sod seasons”. In the event the seed and matting solution does not take, sod will be placed during the following sod season.
  • White Flags: Upon completion of underground construction, white flags are set to denote where newly placed sod needs watering.
    • To ensure a complete watering schedule, these flags need to remain in place until removed by the contractor.
  • Restoration / Property Damage: Google Fiber will repair property damage that was a result of Google Fiber work, as applicable. This includes, but is not limited to irrigation and invisible dog fences.

Internet Service: For information related to internet service, please contact Google Fiber by calling 844-36-FIBER, visiting, or scanning the QR code provided below:

Google Fiber QR Code

Google Fiber FAQ

AT&T Light Gig

Description: AT&T is installing new fiber, to upgrade their network. This should allow for better and faster internet. Some work will be performed in the City regulated right-of-way along roads and in front yards. Most of the work will occur within public utility easements located in residential side yards and along rear property lines. Please note, the City does not regulate these easements. If you have questions or concerns regarding AT&T work, please use the contact information below.

Contractor: Heartland Midwest LLC, 913-397-7613

Customer Concerns: 913-676-1801

Affected Subdivisions & Developments
AT&T Service Map

For more information, or to get notified when AT&T Fiber becomes available, scan the QR code below, or visit

Mission Road (133rd to 143rd) Project Website

The City of Leawood is working on improvements to Mission Road from 133rd Street south to just north of 143rd Street. Additional information about the improvements can be found on the project website.