Upcoming Meetings

The next Board of Zoning Appeals meeting is scheduled for March 22, 2023 at 5:30 PM.

City of Leawood's YouTube Channel Agenda

This meeting is open to the public. The meeting will also be livestreamed via YouTube. The link to the meeting will be posted at prior to the meeting.

News & Events

Historic Commission 75th Anniversary Articles

In celebration of Leawood’s 75th Anniversary, the Historic Commission will be posting articles that reach into the past and showcase historical information about our city.

Read the latest article at the link below.

Look for new articles twice monthly.
For more information please contact Chelsea Perry-Kaufman, Arts Supervisor, at

Kid’s Fishing Derby – April 29, 2023

Saturday, April 29; 8:30-10:30am

The Leawood Police and Parks & Recreation Departments are hosting a Kids Fishing Derby for ages 12 and under at the North Lake. Bring the entire family to this fun, FREE event where children can learn to fish in the lake stocked with a variety of fish.

Bring your pole! Bobbers and bait will be provided.  Light breakfast items will be available.  Prizes awarded in a variety of categories.

Schedule of Events

Registration – 8:30am
Fishing – 9:00-10:30am
Awards – 10:30am

For more information, contact Officer Tim Babalola

Google Fiber

Description: For additional internet opportunities, Google Fiber is installing new fiber and network facilities in the City of Leawood. Ervin Cable Construction, LLC is contracted to complete the work on behalf of Google Fiber. The work is expected to occur in the City regulated right-of-way along roads and in front yards. If you have questions or concerns regarding Google Fiber work, please use the contact information provided below.

Customer Questions/Concerns: All construction-related inquiries and/or concerns, (including matters regarding restoration and repair), must be directed to Google Fiber’s 24/7 Construction Line – 1-877-454-6959.

For more information related to internet service, please contact Google Fiber by calling 844-36-FIBER, visiting, or scanning the QR code provided below:

Google Fiber QR Code

2023 Summer Camp Guide

The department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts has released the 2023 Summer Camp Guide.

Leawood PD Adds Green Vehicle to Black and White Fleet

June 29, 2022

Leawood PD adds green vehicle to black and white fleet

This week the Leawood Police Department introduced a Tesla Model Y electric vehicle into its fleet of black and white patrol cars.

The department first began exploring the idea of adding an electric vehicle to its fleet last year after finding that reviews for currently available hybrid patrol cars were not favorable.

“I ended up contacting about 10 agencies from New York to California,” Capt. Kirt Yoder, the agency’s project manager said of his early quest for information. “Tesla-Kansas City was great. They were eager to help and answer all our questions.”

An early cost comparison done more than a year ago, when the city was able to purchase gas for $1.75 a gallon, showed that the current Ford Explorer Patrol SUV would cost about $4,500 a year for energy costs to operate while a Tesla, based on the 2021 cost of $0.08/kilowatt hour, would cost $648 a year in energy costs.

Last August a presentation was made to the Leawood City Council and they unanimously approved the police department moving forward. That is when the real work began.

Working with outfitters at Ka-Comm Inc. in Olathe, the project slowly took shape and the vehicle is finally ready to hit the streets. It is expected to have a four-year service life, a year longer than the Ford Explorer it replaced.

“I think electric vehicles are going to be the future and this is going to be a good foundation for us,” Yoder said. “Some officers have concerns because this is a smaller vehicle and the extra equipment (of a patrol car) eats into their work space, but others are excited for the new technology.”


Tesla Police Vehicle Parked at Leawood City Hall

AT&T Light Gig

Description: AT&T is installing new fiber, to upgrade their network. This should allow for better and faster internet. Some work will be performed in the City regulated right-of-way along roads and in front yards. Most of the work will occur within public utility easements located in residential side yards and along rear property lines. Please note, the City does not regulate these easements. If you have questions or concerns regarding AT&T work, please use the contact information below.

Contractor: Heartland Midwest LLC, 913-397-7613

Customer Concerns: 913-676-1801

Affected Subdivisions & Developments
AT&T Service Map

For more information, or to get notified when AT&T Fiber becomes available, scan the QR code below, or visit

Mission Road (133rd to 143rd) Project Website

The City of Leawood is working on improvements to Mission Road from 133rd Street south to just north of 143rd Street. Additional information about the improvements can be found on the project website.