Home Owners Association

Welcome to the City of Leawood’s Home Owners Association (HOA) section of our website. The purpose of this section is to provide HOAs in our city with information of particular relevance to their residents. If you are a resident and want information about your homes association, click on the HOA Public Info List button on the right-hand side of this page and then find your homes association information by scrolling through the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have a Question?

Please contact the City Clerk at (913) 339-6700 ext. 103.

Why Update HOA Information with the City?

Here are just some of the real-life examples of why regularly-updated HOA information is important to your HOA and its residents. Up-to-date HOA information:

  • Enables the City to reach someone in the event that an urgent situation on HOA property has been reported to the City
    • A significant water leak on HOA property
    • Damage to HOA property resulting from an accident
  • Helps to make HOA communities aware of proposed zoning changes in their immediate area and allows them time to respond:
    • A zoning exception request by a car dealership seeking to locate nearby
    • A request for public input to City plans for expanding area bike and walking trails in or around your HOA
    • A request for public input from HOA residents that border the 200+ acres zoned for development along the 135th Street Corridor area.
  • Enables the City to provide advanced notice of street or sidewalk closures and repairs to be provided to impacted HOAs and their residents.
  • Invites HOA board members to the City’s annual Sustainability Summit and Home Owners Association Meeting

What Options Are Available to Your HOA?


The City of Leawood maintains two separate data systems for Home Owner Association information, one or both of which may be of interest to your HOA. The first system is a private system that is used for internal City of Leawood purposes only and is not viewable by the general public. The City is requesting that all HOAs maintain up-to-date contact information in the City’s private system by going to the following link: HOA Contact Form.


The second system is a public system which is provided as a convenience to residents of Leawood and can be used by HOAs to communicate directly to their HOA residents and others in the Leawood community. For HOAs interested in making some or all of its contact information available to the public, they may select “public” when entering their contact information. Additionally, the HOA may opt to include other HOA information including their Articles and By-Laws or Restrictions, etc. If you would like to request that your HOA post or update information to this site please email is@leawood.org.

What HOA Information Is Important to Provide?

For non-urgent situations such as City maintenance work or re-zoning requests to the City, the City will provide information to HOAs via e-mail. However, in rare and urgent situations, the City may need to make contact with the HOA more quickly. In such situations, phone contact information is best.

How Can Your HOA Provide this Information?

In order to communicate with you on matters that are likely to be of significant interest to your HOA, we need to know how to reach you. Please fill out the HOA Contact Information Form to provide information to the City.