Cultural Arts

For over 20 years Leawood has been considered the model for arts programming in the metropolitan area. Our long standing reputation for arts excellence is a point of pride for the residents of the community. The arts help make Leawood a premier suburban city. Quality cultural arts events are offered to the public and each year increase in quantity and participation.

There is a recognized correlation between the arts and the economic development of a community. The arts are an essential element in economic progress; cities with active and dynamic cultural scenes are more attractive to corporations and potential employees as well as residents.


The heart and soul of Leawood is now, and always has been, the citizens that voluntarily give time to support the quality of life. The early visionary volunteer citizens brought neighbors together, developed a sense of community, and created a lifestyle of service for the greater good of Leawood.

Volunteers and sponsorships from the business community aid in making the arts programs successful. Without the support of volunteers and sponsors, the City of Leawood would not be able to support high caliber performing arts programs in quantity or quality. Over 19,864 estimated volunteer hours for an average of 60 event dates enriched the lives of over 15,000 participants of all ages. Volunteer by calling the Cultural Arts Coordinator at 913-663-9157.