Stormwater Flooding

We all know that heavy rain and snow can cause flooding. What we might not realize is that the flooding can be made much worse when the water from rain and snow runs off pavement, roofs and other non-absorbent surfaces. This fast runoff can overwhelm storm drains, causing street flooding, and quickly send streams over their banks.

Knowing where flooding can occur and avoiding construction of homes, businesses and more paved surfaces in those areas can help prevent serious flooding, property damage and risk to human life.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides floodplain maps to help you make purchasing and construction decisions. For floodplain maps of the Leawood area, visit

To view the FEMA flood maps go to the site listed above and follow the instructions below: You can type in your address and it will take you to the appropriate map. If you do not have a specific address use the following procedures to get to Leawood or any other city in the United States.

  • Click on Product Catalog in the top left corner
  • Click on Latest Available Flood Map
  • Type in Kansas, Johnson County, and then Leawood.
  • You can use the files numbered 20091CIND2B or 2009ICIND4B to determine which map you need for your location.
  • Use the Keys on the left to zoom in and navigate the maps
  • Once you have the right map zoom in to your location with the keys on the left.
  • To make a map of your area click on “Make a FIRMette”
  • Drag the Pink Box to your location
  • Select paper size then click either PDF or Image File at the bottom under No. 3.
  • This can be used as an official map that shows the location of your property with respect to the 100-year floodplain.

Questions about your property and the floodplain can be directed to the Public Works Department at 913-663-9130 or go to contact us.