The Leawood Public Works Department is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of the community through environmentally and economically sound infrastructure preservation and growth while providing outstanding service to our customers. The Engineering Division of Public Works designs and inspects public improvements constructed in Leawood, including streets, bridges, stormsewer, streetlights, and traffic signals. The Division is also responsible for all work in the right-of-way.

The city has adopted design criteria and codes to ensure new construction are cost effective, meet current safety requirements and are an asset to the community.

The criteria and codes include general notes and checklists and policies for roadways, stormwater, private site improvements and erosion and sediment control.

Construction Projects

Google Fiber

Description: For additional internet opportunities, Google Fiber is installing new fiber and network facilities in the City of Leawood. Ervin Cable Construction, LLC is contracted to complete the work on behalf of Google Fiber. The work is expected to occur in the City regulated right-of-way along roads and in front yards. If you have questions or concerns regarding Google Fiber work, please use the contact information provided below.

Customer Concerns / Questions: All construction-related concerns and inquiries must be directed to Google Fiber’s 24/7 Construction Line – 1-877-454-6959. This includes matters regarding restoration and repair

What to Expect:

  • Ground Markings: Various colors of paint, flags and other ground markings are required to denote the locations of utilities to minimizing conflicts.
  • In-Ground Box Installation: Small, underground fiber-optic boxes will be installed within the right-of-way of homes and developments.
  • Orange Construction Fencing: Fencing will be installed to denote and secure all open excavations. Removal of the fencing indicates the area has been restored and is secure.
  • Sod Restoration:
    • Sod will be installed for restoration purposes during the defined “sod season” of March 1st to May 15th, and September 1st to November 15th, each year.
    • Temporary measures of restoration consists of the installation of seed and matting, which are installed during “non-sod seasons”. In the event the seed and matting solution does not take, sod will be placed during the following sod season.
  • White Flags: Upon completion of underground construction, white flags are set to denote where newly placed sod needs watering.
    • To ensure a complete watering schedule, these flags need to remain in place until removed by the contractor.
  • Restoration / Property Damage: Google Fiber will repair property damage that was a result of Google Fiber work, as applicable. This includes, but is not limited to irrigation and invisible dog fences.

Internet Service: For information related to internet service, please contact Google Fiber by calling 844-36-FIBER, visiting, or scanning the QR code provided below:

Google Fiber QR Code

Google Fiber FAQ

Metal Pipe Replacement, Phase III

Description: This project replaced deteriorated metal storm water pipe with new reinforced concrete pipe on Mohawk Lane, Overbrook Road and Pawnee Lane between 123rd and 127th. The project included some curb repair and mill and overlay work. All major work is completed and final restoration is wrapping up.

Construction Timing: Starting in summer of 2022 through spring of 2023.

Contact: Todd Thalmann, P.E., 913-663-9143

Traffic Signal at 8680 State Line Rd

Description: A new traffic signal with turn lanes and a crosswalk across the west leg will be constructed at 8680 State Line Rd in conjunction with the Leawood Village Development on the west side of State Line Rd.

Construction Timing: Starting summer of 2023 and completed fall of 2023.

Contact: Todd Thalmann, P.E., 913-663-9143

135th Street and High Drive

Description:  This project includes construction of east and westbound left turn lanes, plus an eastbound right turn lane at the intersection of 135th St. and High Drive.  A traffic signal will be constructed at this location as well to provide access to the new developments on the north and south sides of 135th Street.  Utility relocation work is already underway.

General Timing:  Anticipated start in summer 2023.

Contact:  Todd Thalmann, P.E., 913-663-9143

Mission Rd, 92nd St to North City Limit

Description:  This is the 2nd Phase of a 3 Phase project and includes relocating the overhead power lines underground, new street lights, and new sidewalks.  The 3rd Phase will occur in 2023 and includes milling and overlaying the roadway from 95th to 83rd.

Construction Timing:  Starting summer of 2023 through winter of 2023.

Contact:  Daniel McMullen, P.E., CFM, 913-663-9135

Mission Rd, 95th St to 103rd St

Description:  The City of Leawood partnered with the City of Overland Park to mill and overlay the roadway with a new surface.  Leawood is also working with Evergy to bury the overhead power lines.

Construction Timing: Mill and Overlay has been completed, Evergy work anticipated for summer of 2023 through fall of 2023.

Contact:  Daniel McMullen, P.E., CFM, 913-663-9135

Mission Rd, 127th St to 133rd St

Description:  This project includes a new roadway surface, minimal roadway widening, LED street lights, a new pedestrian signal crossing at the school, replacement of metal drainage pipes, new bike lanes, sidewalks, and burying the overhead power lines.

Construction Timing:  Starting spring of 2023 through fall of 2023.

Contact:  Brian Scovill, P.E., 913-663-9134

Mission Rd, 133rd St to 143rd St

Description:  This project will replace the roadway surface, adding left turn lanes and minimal roadway widening, LED Street lights, improved stormwater drainage, new bike lanes, shared use paths on both sides of the roadway as well as a new pedestrian signal crossing north of Prairie Star Elementary School. Evergy will also be burying the overhead power lines and WaterOne will be upgrading portions of their water main through this corridor.

Construction Timing:  Starting in the winter of 2023 through the spring of 2024.

Contact:  John Westbrook, P.E., 913-663-9138

2023 Residential Mill and Overlay

Description:  This project will remove and replace the top one inch of asphalt pavement through the Leawood and Leawood Estates neighborhood as well as other locations where necessity and funding will allow. Spot replacement of concrete curb and gutter will accompany the roadway overlay and new striping.

Construction Timing:  Starting in the summer of 2023 through the fall of 2023.

Contact:  Daniel McMullen, P.E., CFM, 913-663-9135

2023 Residential Reconstruction

Description:  This project scope includes reconstruction of W 97th Place from Mission Road to Ensley Lane and Ensley Lane to the South Cul-de-Sac and the section of Ensley Lane from 93rd Street to 91st Street. The scope will include replacement of the roadway surface, curb and gutter, new street lighting and storm sewer improvements.

General Timing:  Construction beginning July, 2023.

Contact:  Todd Thalmann, P.E., 913-663-9143

Project: 135th Street Fiber

Description:  Joint project with Operation Green Light to install fiber optic cable along 135th.  This will allow for interconnecting the traffic signals, better signal timing, and future traffic cameras along the corridor.

Timing:  Construction Spring of 2023 through summer of 2023.

Contact:  Shawn Johnson, (913) 663-9140

Aventino – LD/Streetlight/Storm/Lights

Description: This project will remove surface cracks and pavement failures in the existing streets and provide additional pavement thickness for the roadway. Installation of new curb and gutter, street lighting, and storm structures will follow to provide infrastructure for the Aventino development that meets the City of Leawood Design and Construction Standards.

General Timing:  Construction started December 2022, anticipated completion in Fall of 2023

Contact:  John Westbrook, P.E., 913-663-9138

Parks Projects

For questions regarding the following projects, please contact Parks Superintendent, Brian Anderson at 913-663-9110.

  • New Parks Maintenance Facility
  • Playground @ Tomahawk Creek
  • Restrooms @ North Lake along Tomahawk Creek Parkway
  • 75th Anniversary Art Project

Fire Station No. 1

For questions regarding Fire Station No. 1 at 9609 Lee Blvd, please contact Deputy Fire Chief, Jarrett Hawley at 913-266-0602.

Significant Studies and Designs Underway

Tomahawk Creek Parkway (TCP), 119th St to College Blvd

Description:  This project includes raising the roadway to minimize future flooding, a roundabout intersection at TCP and Town Center Dr, new roadway surface, bike lanes, enhanced landscaping, and drainage improvements.

General Timing:  Construction starting in 2024 through 2025

Contact:  Brian Scovill, P.E., 913-663-9134

123rd St, Mission Rd to State Line Rd

Description:  This project includes milling and overlaying the road with a new surface, reconstructing the curbs, LED street lights, a pedestrian signal crossing at the school, replacement of metal drainage pipes, new bike lanes, sidewalks (8’ side on the south side), and burying the overhead power lines. Overhead power lines will be buried underground as part of the project.  Utility relocation work is scheduled for 2024.

General Timing:  Construction in 2025

Contact:  Todd Thalmann, P.E., 913-663-9143

83rd St, West City Limit to State Line Rd

Description:  This project scope includes reconstructing 83rd Street from State Line Road to the western city limits. Project includes replacing the pavement, curb and gutter, streetlights, sidewalks and ADA ramps, and a new signal will be installed at State Line Rd. An analysis will be conducted of the stormwater drainage system as well as a traffic study at the intersection of Lee Blvd and 83rd Street.

General Timing:  Anticipated start in Late 2024.

Contact:  John Westbrook, P.E., 913-663-9138

Repairs for Culvert south of Sagamore and 103rd Street

Description: Analysis of concrete repairs to the deck and structure located approximately 200 ft south of the intersection of 103rd Street on Sagamore Road. This project would also review hydraulic design for the creek in conjunction with flooding.

General Timing:  Anticipated start in late 2024.

Contact:  John Westbrook, P.E., 913-663-9138

93rd and Lee Drainage Study

Description: Existing sections of storm sewer are being evaluated for replacement due to aging infrastructure in the area. The alignment is also being reviewed to consider moving the system into the Right of Way, behind the edge of pavement along 93rd Street and Lee Boulevard.

General Timing:  Engineering analysis underway with potential project in 2024

Contact:  Daniel McMullen, P.E., CFM, 913-663-9135

81st and Overbrook Flood Study

Description: Analysis of the existing detention basin in the commercial development north of 81st Street and Overbrook Road to minimize flooding downstream including significant overland flow through residential properties and along Overbrook Road and W. 81st Terrace.

General Timing: Anticipated start in Late 2024

Contact:  Daniel McMullen, P.E., CFM, 913-663-9135