Wildlife artist Steven LeBlanc specializes in bronze sculptures. His works represent a lifetime of anatomical study, both animal and human. His attention to detail reflects exceptional artistic skill and a love for nature. LeBlanc has won numerous awards and recognitions for his work. His sculptures can be found on many college campuses and in corporations across America and throughout the world.

Stephen LeBlanc is a former resident of Overland Park, Kansas but now lives and works in Littleton, Colorado. This sculpture was commissioned by Chuck Peters, President and CEO of Peters and Associates Development Company, in lieu of the Art Impact Fee. Peters worked with the Leawood Arts Council in planning and approving the art and the landscaping associated with the placement of the piece.

This sculpture of three life-sized deer is so realistic that drivers along Tomahawk Creek Parkway often think the deer are actually crossing the road. The piece sits in the median of the parkway and is landscaped with natural elements including rocks and plants. The art is a tribute to the deer known to frequent the area. This grouping depicts three leaping deer; one buck and two does.