Sculptor, Larry Young is recognized throughout the country for his fluid forms and innovative compositions using negative space. He works and lives in Columbia, MO producing monumental sculpture in his own foundry. The distinctiveness of Young’s style makes his work recognizable.

Much of his work includes figural references and emphasizes human relationships. The compositional rhythms of Young’s work reflect his fascination with the design integrity of classical art. He frequently creates simple complex structures, a paradox that he refers to as “complex simplicity.” His technical expertise enhances the fluidity of his creations. Perhaps Young’s experiences as an Olympic athlete helped influence his sense of fluid movement.

“Introspection” is a monumental bronze sculpture (11.5’ x 6’ x 4’) formed by the lost wax casting process. This sculpture symbolizes human contemplation and reflection by creating three-dimensional negative space. Introspection happens to focus on human beings’ internal search for the meaning of life and the meaning of self. The interior space is surrounded by life forms, which frame a human image in the center. This symbolizes man’s ability and need to be reflective, thus the title “Introspection”.

This sculpture was originally part of the Leawood Art on Loan program temporarily located on the lawn west of City Hall. It was the seventh installation of this program. Following the loan period it was purchased by the City to become a part of the permanent collection due to the popularity of the piece with residents.