Kansas native Wendell Castle is known throughout the world for his innovative designs in wood, plastic and bronze. His reputation spans more than 50 years as a sculptor, designer and educator. Castle has received countless awards and honors for his accomplishments. His importance to the arts and crafts scene cannot be overestimated.

He is considered to be the founding father of American furniture art. Castle’s approach to making objects that are both practical and transcendent has allowed his work to resonate with collectors, dealers and museum curators. By challenging traditional concepts of function and appearance, Castle has been instrumental in turning the making of handcrafted furniture into an art form.

He began teaching in 1960 at the University of Kansas and later moved to New York. Castle is currently on staff at the Rochester Institute of Technology as an Artist-in-Residence and is asked to exhibit and lecture at educational institutions throughout the world.

Wendell Castle’s sculptural and one-of-a-kind functional pieces are represented in major museums and corporate collections across America. “From the beginning I have wanted to make art furniture. I like to be in the space between furniture and sculpture, because that area has enormous possibilities.” His style marries organic and geometric forms. Castle was commissioned to create this one-of-a-kind bronze bench for the City of Leawood.