A letter from the Chief

The Leawood Police Department welcomes citizen comments about the agency and the actions of its employees, both positive and negative. The people we serve are our customers and we are committed to our department values of Integrity, Teamwork, Service, Fairness and Dedication.

One easy way to register your opinion about our department is through the use of our Citizen Survey. First instituted in 2008, this web-based device has consistently provided us with many types of anonymous feedback on our service as well as the concerns of both the citizens of Leawood and visitors to our city.

Another way to provide feedback is through the use of our Comment Form. This form is a quick and easy method to provide feedback on a specific contact with an employee of our department whether it is praising an employee or notifying us you were not satisfied with us. Once completed these forms are sent to the Chief of Police and Administrative Services Division Commander and the information contained will be forwarded as deemed appropriate.

If we are informed through this form someone was not satisfied with an employee or our department, this form can be a first step in our citizen complaint process. In these instances the form will be forwarded to a supervisor who will contact you to answer questions or clarify any portions of your complaint. The issue may be resolved at this stage if it involves simply answering questions or providing information. In these cases the incident will be classified as in “inquiry”. If the incident is handled as a complaint the completed investigation will be sent to the department’s command staff for review with a final disposition given by the Chief of Police. You will be informed in writing of that disposition if you would like to be.

Additionally, citizens who believe they were subject to an enforcement action based on their race or another bias may choose to file a complaint with the Kansas Attorney General’s office: https://ag.ks.gov/complaint-center.

While complaints help us to learn what we can do better, positive comments help reinforce the positive behaviors of our employees. Please feel free to use the Comment Form to relay your positive impressions so they may be passed on to the deserving employee.

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments on the performance of our agency and our employees.

Dale Finger, Chief of Police