Animal Control

If it crawls, flies or walks on four legs, the department’s three animal control officers have probably dealt with it. The ACOs regulate the nearly 2,800 domestic dogs and cats registered in the city each year.

Pet licenses are issued by the City Clerk at Leawood City Hall.

The city’s ‘Lost and Found’ animals are taken to Great Plains SPCA, 5424 Antioch Dr., Merriam, KS. However, owners of stray pets must first contact the Animal Control Unit before they are able to reclaim their stray pet.

If your pet is missing, you can notify the police department dispatch at (913) 642-7700.

In addition to dealing with domestic animals, Animal Control Officers are also called upon to remove bats and birds from houses, round up stray horses, pull opossums from basements and any number of other calls dealing with the multitude of animals that inhabit Leawood.

Additional Information:

Bat Information (pdf)
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Animal Control

Leawood City Code for Animal Control

Article 1 – General Provisions (pdf)

Article 2 – Dogs and Cats (pdf)

Article 3 – Livestock and Fowl (pdf)

Article 4 – Animal Control Officer (pdf)

Article 5 – General Penalties (pdf)