Alarm Permits

The Leawood False Alarm Reduction Program is managed by Cry Wolf Services.  The Cry Wolf customer service number is 833-279-5535 or email at You may also visit their website at

Alarm Registration Form

For more information email Alarm Coordinator, Jeff Culbertson or call (913) 663-9324.

Alarm Fees

The initial fee to register an alarm is $10. Once registered, the annual renewal fee is also $10. Late payments for renewal and non-registration of an alarm system both have a $25 fee. Please contact the Cry Wolf Alarm Reduction Services (information above) for the correct amount due for your system.

In addition to the requirement to register an alarm, the City of Leawood has established a false alarm reduction plan (outlined in the Alarm Regulations section below) that provides for the following false alarm penalty fees for repeated alarms within a 12 month period:

Number of False Alarms Penalty Fee
1st – 2nd false alarms no charge
3rd & 4th false alarms $ 50.00 each
5th & 6th false alarms $100.00 each
7th & 8th false alarms $150.00 each
9th & each subsequent alarm $200.00 each

Alarm Regulations

City Ordinance 1467C, Article 3, Sections 11-301 through 11-311 governs the use of alarm systems for Leawood homes and businesses. The purpose of the Ordinance is to gain some measure of control over the ever-increasing use of automatic alarm systems and to give fire and police personnel some idea of what to expect when responding to an alarm activation.

There is no requirement that Leawood Police or Fire Department personnel respond to any call from an alarm monitoring company of an alarm activation. However, as part of our mission of service to our citizens, every effort will be made to respond, in a timely manner, to alarm activation’s of registered systems by our emergency services personnel.

New alarm systems are required to be registered with the Cry Wolf Alarm Reduction Program as soon as possible (instructions for registering an alarm are included below) when an alarm system is installed or activated. The registration form can be filled out online from the Cry Wold website at or you can call customer service at 833-279-5535. Annually, registered users will receive a Contact Information Update Form in the mail. Please fill out and update all pertinent information. All information furnished on the Registration Forms is confidential and is available only to the Communications personnel processing an alarm activation and the Alarm Coordinator.

You may have any type of system you desire and you may use any alarm installation or monitoring company. YOU are responsible for the operation of the alarm system and you should work with your alarm company and the Cry Wolf Alarm Reduction Services to insure that your system works trouble free.

Each alarm user is allowed two false alarm activations each calendar year without penalty. After your second alarm, you will receive a letter informing you of the penalty fees for future false alarms.

False alarm calls waste valuable time and resources of the Police and Fire Departments. In addition, they cost the alarm user larger monitoring fees to pay for the additional personnel needed to staff the monitoring centers. While you are not penalized for things that are beyond your control (weather, equipment failure, etc.), you are responsible for anyone to whom you give access to your home or place of business.

Leawood’s False Alarm Reduction Program takes a multi-level approach to false alarms. First, there is an escalating scale of penalty fees for those alarm users who continue to have false alarms.  Second, alarm users can be placed on “No Response Status” by the Chief of Police for refusing to register the alarm.

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