Court FAQ's

What to do about a citation for no proof of insurance:

If the vehicle you were driving was insured on the date and time of the citation, you may submit proof of insurance by one of the following methods:  (1) email a copy to; (2) fax a copy to (913) 661-7090; or (3) bring proof to the Municipal Court.   If you choose to email or fax, you must submit the proof prior to your court date and you must include your ticket number and a daytime phone number.

What to do about warnings on a citation:

If “WARN” appears next to a charge on your citation, this is only a courtesy warning from the Police Department as to that charge.   No further action on that charge is required.  However, you may have been cited for other violations that require payment of a fine or appearance in court.  Please check your ticket carefully.

What to do when a citation says “fix-it”:

If you have been cited with a  violation and the words “FIX-IT” appear next to that charge, that means you can have that charge dismissed if you make the necessary repairs to the vehicle.  Please note you must repair the violation and then bring your vehicle to the Leawood Police Department for an inspection prior to your court date. The LPD inspections are held at the Leawood Police Department, 4201 Town Center Drive.   Please check your citation for available dates/times.  Upon passing the inspection, the charge will be dismissed.

What to do when you cannot attend your scheduled court date:

If you are unable to attend your scheduled court date, contact the court at 913-339-6735 or by email at to request a continuance.

What to do when your case is in collections:

If your case has been referred to collections for payment, you will need to contact Valley Services at 1-800-244-9665 to make payment arrangements. Once a case is referred to collections, you can no longer make payments at the Leawood Municipal Court.

Questions about warrants:

If you have a Leawood bench warrant, you may go to the Leawood Police Department at any time to surrender and post your bond. After posting bond, you will be given a new court date. The judge will see defendants with active warrants on certain court dates. Please contact the Court Clerk at (913) 339-6735 for more information. The City cannot guarantee the Judge will set aside the warrant without requiring you to post bond.