Burn Permits

The Leawood Fire Code allows three types of solid fuel open burning:

For Cooking Purposes

Outside burning is allowed for cooking purposes at one and two family dwellings (not apartment buildings), only so long as it occurs in a non-combustible container and the fuel load NEVER exceeds four pieces of wood, 18 inches in length (kindling additional). Propane and LPG cooking fires in listed cooking appliances are also acceptable outside at all occupancies.

For Construction Purposes

  • Outside burning for land-clearing operations is allowed but requires a permit and has stringent guidelines.  Contact the Fire Marshal at (913) 266-0600 X 13.
  • Outside burning of scrap wood is allowed at construction sites so long as the burning occurs in a single barrel which is kept 20 feet from other combustibles.

Ceremonial Fires

Bonfires or other ceremonial fires are allowed, but require a permit. If the planned fire exceeds the size allowed under “cooking fires” above, it requires this permit. No more than 30 cubic feet of fuel is allowed and other conditions must be met which safeguard the public interest. Contact the Fire Marshal for more information.

Public Nuisance

Even allowed burning, if it becomes a significant air quality degradant, traffic hazard or public nuisance can be disallowed and ordered to be extinguished. The right of anyone to burn outside is always subordinate the neighborhood’s right to enjoy a safe and smoke-free environment.

Not Allowed – Burning of yard waste.


Contact the Fire Marshal at (913) 266-0600 X 13

Fire Administration
Leawood Fire Station #3
14801 Mission Rd.
Leawood, KS 66224