Auction or Estate Sale Permits

The City of Leawood is Only Accepting Electronic Plan Submittals for Building Permits at this time.*

*Permits and Plans can be submitted to along with a completed Building Permit Application Form.

A permit is required for Auctions or Estate Sales. The following are requirements that must be satisfied before a permit can be issued:

  • Residents within 200 feet of the sale address are to be notified by regular mail not less than ten (10) days prior to the date of the sale.
  • Operators of sales are required to be licensed in the City of Leawood. The license can be obtained by contacting the Licensing Clerk at (913) 663-9123 or via email at
  • Sales are limited to one (1) per calendar year per location for a duration of not more than four (4) consecutive days during daylight hours.
  • Parking and traffic control must be established and coordinated with the Leawood Police Department. To order temporary “No Parking” signs, contact the Leawood Police Department at 642-5555, ext. 331.
  • A completed Auction/Estate Sale permit application. A permit application may be obtained in person from the Codes Administration Division at City Hall or by using this permit application.
  • A permit fee in the amount of $25.

The following items are optional requirements, that if utilized, note requirements for compliance:

  • If used, temporary signs must be no more than five (5) square feet in area, and installed at least five (5) feet from the curb. No more than one (1) sign per yard.
  • If used, tents, or other accessory structures, require “Administrative Special Use Permits”. Application for “Administrative Special Use Permits” shall be submitted at Leawood City Hall, and approved by the Planning Department. A separate fee for an “Administrative Special Use Permit” is also charged. Fees are determined by a “FEE SCHEDULE” adopted annually by the City of Leawood. If used, a copy of the “Administrative Special Use Permit” approval must be attached to the permit application.

Codes Administration
Leawood City Hall
2nd Floor – East
4800 Town Center Drive
Leawood, KS 66211
913-339-6700 x165