Leawood Foundation

The Leawood Foundation funds charitable and educational amenities in our community that might not otherwise be funded with tax dollars. Our major focuses are to beautify parks and public areas, educate our young people, support historic preservation, and promote accessibility and safety.

Projects and Accomplishments

Leawood Trail Permanent Restrooms

For many years, Leawood’s citizens have frequently used the Leawood trails for exercise that exposes us to the beauty of nature in all seasons. For that reason, we will build permanent restrooms along the Tomahawk Creek Trail:

His and Her seasonably heated and cooled restrooms at the intersection of the North Lake and parking lot.

“Leawoof” Dog Park

Plans are underway to further enhance Leawoof Dog Park with the replacement of the heavily used agility course with more substantial amenities. Enjoy an improved way for your dogs to play!

Play For All

Thanks to our citizens, local businesses, and Variety Children’s Charity, the All-Inclusive Playground in Leawood City Park became a reality in 2017.

The playground provides opportunities for all forms of childhood development through play.

I-Lan Park

I-Lan Park is located at 126th Street and Nall Avenue and is dedicated to our sister City of I-Lan, Taiwan. The foundation funded the addition of new signage for the park.

Gezer Park Projects

Gezer Park, at 133rd Street and Mission Road, celebrates our sister city, the Gezer Region of Israel. The design and features of the entire park are intended to educate visitors about the ancient history of that region and its cultural significance. Now that the Gezer Park children’s play area is in place, the foundation will focus on turning the park into an educational destination for area schoolchildren.

Prairie Lessons Sculpture Project

The “Prairie Lessons” sculpture, next to the historic Oxford School House in Ironwoods Park, honors teachers. This work of art represents a unique collaboration driven by the Leawood Foundation, Historic Commission, and Arts Council. Dennis Smith, well known sculptor of children, was commissioned to design a piece to represent the nurturing role teachers play in children’s lives and the contributions of one-room school teachers.

Prairie Lessons
Oxford Schoolhouse

Historic Oxford Schoolhouse at Ironwoods Park

Oxford School is one of the oldest schools in the state of Kansas. It opened in 1877 and continued to operate as a school until 1955. Donations to the Leawood Foundation helped relocate, preserve, and restore it in 2003.The Kansas Preservation Alliance selected Leawood as the recipient of a 2005 Award for Excellence in Preservation Advocacy for preserving the Oxford Schoolhouse.

Ironwoods Park Bench Project

This was the foundation’s effort to provide comfortable seating throughout the 70-acre park at 14701 Mission Road. The park offers many amenities for all Leawood citizens. The benches allow visitors to sit and enjoy the park’s expansive natural environment.

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Board Members

Alice Hawk, Chair (06/2019)

Mayor Peggy Dunn, ex officio (2020)

Debra Filla, Council Liaison (2022)

James Azeltine, Council Liaison (2020)

Scott Lambers, ex officio

Chris Claxton, ex officio

Kevin Jeffries, ex officio

Susie Rawlings, Secretary

Mike Best, Treasurer

Marc Elkins

Mary Ann Waldenmeyer

Renny Arensberg

Susanne Teel

Michelle DeHaemers

Ken Selzer

Future Projects

  • Park in north Leawood at 96th and Lee
  • Renovation of old City Hall