Information Services

Effective technology expands our ability to clearly direct resources, communicate, make informed decisions, implement them, and free ourselves to think of new ways to address issues. Our role is to provide stable, secure systems and technology that allow our workforce to be productive and fluid to the business of the day, to allow our Citizens access to information and opportunities at their convenience, and to aid with public safety, health, & welfare.

We must be ever mindful of financial considerations, have a thorough understanding of technologies and our needs, and determine the most prudent course of action to help achieve the goals of our Governing Body.

Responsibilities for our department include but are not limited to the following:

  • Network Administration
  • Hardware & Software
  • Security
  • Voice & Data Systems
  • Video & Sound Systems
  • Websites (Internet, Intranet, Leawood On-Line Services, etc.)

Guiding Principles

  • Technology is a “tool” used to enhance operations
  • Technology needs to meet business process
  • Utilize proven technologies
  • Reliable voice and data systems are critical
  • Technology is a means to an end and should only be used where there is valid application and benefit derived
  • Well-trained employees are key to success
  • Standards, policies, and procedures must be consistent with the goals of the Governing Body
  • Hardware and software is disseminated by need

Technology Policy

The Technology Policy for the City of Leawood exists to ensure the proper use of the City of Leawood’s technology. This policy intends to encourage each and every Leawood employee to use our technology to its fullest in a manner that is consistent with our city’s mission. This policy intends to discourage and eliminate inappropriate use of our technology.

Website Links Policy

It is the City of Leawood’s policy that we allow internet links on our website that would provide our citizens with a convenient way to research information regarding municipal and other public or governmental issues. The City of Leawood reserves the right to determine which Internet links we make available on our website. No warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the accuracy, reliability, legality or usefulness of any information to which the City of Leawood links. This policy may change without prior notice.

Contact Information


Leawood Justice Center
4205 Town Center Drive
Leawood, KS 66211