Home Business

Estate Sale

All operators of sales are required to be licensed in the City of Leawood. The license fee is $6.00, per day, for each sale. Sales are limited to one (1) per calendar year per location, for no more than four (4) consecutive days during daylight hours. The license can be obtained by contacting the Licensing Clerk at (913) 339-6700, ext. 123. Once the license has been issued, you will need to get a permit through the Codes Administration Counter, located on the second floor of City Hall. The permit fee is $25.00.

Garage Sales

No license or permit is necessary for holding a garage sale, however, sales are limited to two (2) sales per calendar year per location, for no more than four (4) consecutive days during daylight hours.

Home Occupation Licenses

Certain types of businesses may be allowed to operate from the home as an accessory use that must remain secondary to the primary residential use of the dwelling. The business must not change the appearance of the home or be visible from the street, it must not generate traffic, parking, sewerage or water use in excess of what would be normal in the residential neighborhood.

Where child care is operated as a home occupation, the limit is six (6) children at any one time, to include the resident’s own children under the age of 12. (The care of more than 6 children is considered a commercial day care center.) The home occupation can have no other employees other than family members on the premises.

The State of Kansas and the City of Leawood each have separate regulations that apply to home day care businesses. To find out how to become registered or licensed with the State, contact the Johnson Country Public Health Department at (913) 791-1580.

The fee for the Home Based Business is $30.00, commencing on the first day of July and expiring on the 30th of June in each year, and must be renewed each year thereafter.

Massage Therapy Licenses

Pursuant to Leawood Ordinance no. 1867(C), all massage therapist and massage therapy establishments are required to be licensed.

The following information is required:

  • (2) Passport Photos
  • $75.00 fee -individual license $150.00 fee – business license Payable by cash; check; Visa; MasterCard; Discover; American Express
  • Driver’s License or other government issued photo ID; current CPR Certification; National Training certifications
  • Official transcript and Certificate of Completion of a course consisting of not less than 500 hours
  • Completed application

Once you have completed this information please contact Wade Thompson at (913) 663-9173 to schedule your appointment at which time you will be fingerprinted for the required background check.

Residential Rental Program

Pursuant to Leawood City Code 8-536: No person, firm or corporation shall lease or rent or offer for lease or rent any dwelling unit without first making application

Once you have completed the application form, please contact Mitch Bennett at (913) 663-9171 to schedule an appointment to have the residence inspected for verification there are no life safety issues.

Inspections shall be required upon the initial application and after the dwelling unit has been vacated by one tenant and prior to the re-occupancy by another, except when a dwelling unit has been inspected anytime within the previous six (6) months of such vacation a new inspection shall not be required.

Business - Occupation Licenses

Any person, engaging in a business, trade, or profession that provides any service within Leawood city limits, is required by City Ordinance, to obtain an Occupation License before they can open for business. This includes businesses located in other cities working in Leawood. The City of Leawood licenses are valid for one year, commencing on the first of July and expiring on the 30th of June in each year, and must be renewed by each year thereafter. Information on licensing fees is available by contacting the Licensing Clerk at (913) 339-6700, ext. 123. Renewals are mailed out in June and are considered delinquent after June 30th and are subject to additional fines. The City maintains a database which lists all pertinent information relating to the business. It is the responsibility of the business owner to notify the Licensing Clerk should there be any change in relevant information (i.e., ownership or location) so all records can remain current.

If you are a contractor, you will need a Johnson County, Kansas Contractors License (JCCL) in the appropriate trade in order to acquire building permits or to do work as a contractor/subcontractor in Leawood (this includes siding repair contractors, window installers, etc), with the exception of fence contractors. For information about the JCCL, contact their office at (913) 715-2233.

To apply for an Occupation License in the City of Leawood, you will need to fill out an application and remit the appropriate fee for your type of business. The fee is prorated from the date the application is submitted. The fee for ALL contractors (including but not limited to building, remodeling, curbing, street grading, street paving, sewer, electrical, plumbing, roofing & landscaping) is $60.00 per year. The fee for retail businesses is based on the square footage of the space in which the business occupies. The following information is needed to complete the application:

  • Legal and common name (d/b/a: doing business as)
  • Street and mailing address (if mailing address is different)
  • Business, fax and cell phone numbers
  • Type and nature of business (i.e., type of contractor, retail, restaurant, accountant)
  • Total square footage of the business if physically located within the City limits of Leawood
  • Number of full-time employees
  • Federal Tax I.D. #
  • Current license from Johnson County, Kansas

Some businesses are exempt from obtaining a city Occupational license, and therefore, the City Clerk may require anyone claiming to be exempt to file a verified statement of fact.

New licenses: Fax or scan/email the completed application and an invoice with appropriate fee will be email to you. BUSINESS LICENSE RENEWALS: Mailed Friday before Memorial Day weekend and due on/before JUNE 30TH annually, to avoid late penalty fees of 5% per month. Credit card payments over the phone will NOT be accepted. Please mail payment with invoice copy.

CONTRACTORS: Please fax, or scan/email ALL insurance documents to the following:
(913) 339-9374 or rowpermits@leawood.org.

Solicitors - House to House, Business to Business

Any person(s) engaged in the business of selling or peddling goods, or services not having a permanently located place of business in the City but having a permanently established house-to-house or wholesale business, is required to obtain a permit for $10.00, per agent, through the Leawood City Police Department, which is located at 4201 Town Center Drive. For more information, contact the Leawood Police Department at (913) 642-5555, ext. 201.