Message from the Mayor

Dear Friends:

On behalf of the City of Leawood, I welcome you to the City’s website. It is filled with a wide variety of useful information designed to educate and provide insights into our vibrant community.

Incorporated as a municipality in 1948, Leawood quickly became known for its lovely residential neighborhoods, beautiful parks and excellent schools. Over the past several years, the City has benefited from additions of retail and office developments with a recent emphasis on mixed-use projects which have helped to continue the diversification of our tax base. Throughout our history, enhancing our fine quality of life has remained a primary focus of the Leawood Governing Body as we strive to “grow with distinction.”

In addition to a thriving business community coupled with outstanding City services, our most important ingredient for success is our dynamic citizenry. Pride, generosity and enthusiasm continually fuel Leawood to even greater heights. The incredible spirit of volunteers working on commissions, advisory boards, committees and councils has resulted in far greater accomplishments than would have otherwise been realized.

It is precisely this teamwork and partnership of the Governing Body, professional staff and citizens that empowers Leawood to continue its development as a premier community second to none. We are very proud of our past achievements and, working together, we look forward to a promising future.


Peggy J. Dunn
Mayor of Leawood, Kansas