What Happens when you call 911?

The Leawood Police Department and the Johnson County Emergency Communications Center (ECC) share the responsibility for receiving and processing 911 calls in the City of Leawood.

When a 911 call is received, it is routed to the Leawood Police Department. The dispatcher will ask what type of emergency you have. If your answer is police related, they’ll handle the call.  If your answer is fire or medical related, they will immediately transfer your call to the Johnson County Emergency Communications Center. Generally, the LPD will also stay on the line because they dispatch police officers to assist with many fire and medical emergencies.

Have you ever wondered why the dispatcher needs to ask so many questions when you have an emergency? Or why they’re asking those questions rather than sending someone to help? The fact is, they’re doing both. Usually while one dispatcher is talking to you, another is already sending a police officer, a fire truck, or an ambulance to help you. However, they need to ask questions to determine if you may need more or different types of help.

Most people don’t learn about the 911 system until after they’ve been through an emergency. To find out more about 911 before you need help, don’t hesitate to call the Leawood Fire Department at (913) 266-0600. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have