Community Development

Community Development consists of Codes Administration, Neighborhood Services, and Planning Services.

Codes Administration is assigned the duties of administering and enforcing the Building Code, Floodplain, Erosion Control and Development Ordinances. Responsibilities include building code plan review, building permits issuance, building inspections, and enforcement of all permitted activity associated with new and existing buildings.

Neighborhood Services protects the rights of residents who wish to live in a hazard free, well-maintained community. Our staff perform a wealth of inspections to ensure that all applicable codes and regulations are adhered to in order to protect the overall value and condition of Leawood’s infrastructure.

Planning Services is tasked with the mission to provide the most up to date Planning information, techniques, and ordinances to the Plan Commission and Governing Body, in order, to successfully guide the community’s growth and quality of life.


Codes Administration

Neighborhood Services

Planning Services