Reduce Reuse Recycle


Reduce: Do you really need to print everything and on one side? Can you get your billing statements on-line? Think of ways to cut down the need for paper.

Reuse: If you do print on one side, think about using the other side for notes or use it to print on again.

Recycle: When you are done with your paper, place it in the recycling.


Reduce: Minimize purchasing beverages in plastic bottles and start buying things you can reuse. Also bring your own bags to stores and avoid another plastic one.

Reuse: Buy reusable thermoses and bottles, reuse your plastic grocery bags or bring your own canvass ones.

Recycle: If you do have products that are in plastic, put them in your curbside recycling bin. If you’re done with your plastic bags, recycle them at different stores around the area.

What Plastics Can I Recycle?


Reduce: Reduce the number of glass containers you have to purchase.

Reuse: Some glass containers are meant for reuse, like milk bottles that you can return to the store for a refund on your deposit. You can also reuse glass for vases, projects, containers, etc.

Recycle: If your glass has reached the end of its useful life, the Kansas City area now has a glass recycling market through Ripple Glass. Take your glass to one of the locations near you.  KC Curbside Glass makes it easy with curbside glass recycling service, it doesn’t get much easier. Just drop your empty glass bottles, jars, and containers into our Beautiful Blue Bin, slide it out to the curb, and you’re done. We’ll deliver the glass to our friends at Ripple Glass where they will process it for recycling into new bottles and fiberglass insulation.

The Green Gauntlet Challenge

The SAB and the Johnson County Environmental Department invite Leawood’s 70+ Homes Associations to take up the Gauntlet and achieve 100 percent participation in curbside recycling. Make Your Commitment. Sign up for the Green Gauntlet Challenge, contact Marica Putman at (913) 339.6700 x 186.


All residential haulers in Johnson County will be required to provide curbside recycling to all households and include the recycling in the base fee of the HOA contract. An unlimited amount of recycling is FREE to all residents.

  • What goes in my curbside bin? (presentations, flyers, magnets)
  • Recycling Resources: Reduce Reuse Recycle (newsletters, videos, websites)


If your hauler picks up yard waste next year, it must be separated from the trash and taken to a composting facility. Leaves, grass clippings, brush and limbs will no longer be accepted for landfill disposal after January 1, 2012. Haulers will be required to compost or process all yard waste.

  • What options do your residents have to manage their yard waste?
  • Where can residents get more information about backyard composting?

For all households in Johnson County, a set maximum volume of waste will be picked up weekly for the base service fee, not to exceed 96 gallons per week. An additional charge must be assessed for any waste beyond the 96 gallons.


Negotiate within your contract / Establish with your trash hauler…

  • Curbside Recycling – What if any is the change to your contract’s base rate?
    a. What container will be used for recycling; how and when the residents will get the container; how will this be paid for; who to contact with issues…
  • Yard Waste – Will it be collected and what are the guidelines in your contract?
    a. How many paper bags per week? Proper handling of brush and limbs…

  • Pay-As-You-Throw– What procedure will your hauler use to collect the additional charge?
    a. What container will be used; how and when will the residents get the container;
    how will this be paid for; what to do with ‘old’ containers, who to contact with issues.


Negotiate within your contract / Establish with your trash hauler…

  • What procedure(s) does your HOA use to communicate with your residents?
  • Do your homeowners understand WHAT can go in their curbside bin?
  • What keeps our residents from recycling?
  • How can your HOA determine HOW MANY of your households are recycling?
  • How can your HOA determine HOW MUCH is being recycled?
  • Who will communicate with your residents and Marica Putman at the City of your progress?