Turn on Your Porch Light to Honor Veterans

The Leawood Historic Commission would like to continue an old tradition this Veterans Day, November 11th, by asking residents to turn on their porch lights.

During WWII it was an American tradition to keep the porch lights on for “our boys” overseas. At the end of the war many Americans continued leaving the porch lights on as a symbolic way for the solders to “find their way home.”

Many towns turned porch lights on, following the war, during specific evening hours to honor and celebrate veterans. The Leawood Historic Commission would like to see this tradition continue each year on Veteran’s Day.

The City of Leawood features a landscape art piece titled “Porch Lights” which sits within the traffic island at the intersection of Somerset and Lee Boulevard. The Art in Public Places Initiative of the Leawood Arts Council commissioned this gateway work of art to be a literal and conceptual “coming home” to north Leawood.

The sculpture was designed to be reminiscent of the stone homes in the Historic District of Leawood. The piece accentuates the serene quality of early life in the suburbs. The glowing backlit molten colored glass scattered throughout the Kansas limestone structure represent the welcoming porch lights of the houses. The V shape of the structure is a reflection of the “V” for victory made famous during WWII by Winston Churchill.

The Leawood Historic Commission is proud to encourage the entire metropolitan area to join us in this show of support for veterans of all ages.

For more information please call (913) 663.9157.