Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services protects the rights of residents who wish to live in a hazard free, well-maintained community. Our staff perform a wealth of inspections to ensure that all applicable codes and regulations are adhered to in order to protect the overall value and condition of Leawood’s infrastructure.

Code Enforcement deals with many varied issues, and with the help of each Homes Association these problems can and will be dealt with in a timely manner.

We encourage your “Neighborhood Maintenance Task Force” to contact their area Code Enforcement Officer between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. After hours and on weekends please call the Leawood Action Line at (913) 339-9112.

Property Maintenance

Leawood has in place a minimum housing code for existing residences and a nationally recognized building code for remodeling and renovations, new additions, re-roofs, lawn sprinkler systems, fences and decks. All of these undertakings require permits and inspections.

Also in place is a “Property Maintenance Code” that deals with:

  • Premise Condition;
    • Paint
    • Roof Overhangs
    • Gutters
    • Exterior Structure Condition
  • Environment Requirements;
    • Paint
    • Grass and Weeds
    • Dead Trees
    • Trash
    • Graffiti
    • Mud on the Street
    • Erosion Control and Drainage
  • Rental Inspection Program for Licensing and Minimum Standards for Rental Dwelling Units;
  • Minimum Housing Standards;
  • Condemnation and Abatement of Dangerous Buildings, Inoperable and Recreational Vehicles.

West Nile Virus Mosquito Control

We are continuing to treat municipally owned bodies of water with larvicide to safeguard against the spread of the West Nile Virus. Homeowners wishing to treat privately owned water sources may purchase larvicide at local hardware stores and home improvement centers.

Leawood Property Maintenance Code, Section 301.4.1 MOSQUITO CONTROL:

Property owners shall be responsible for the prevention, control and treatment of mosquitoes. Prevention and control shall mean that all areas of property and particularly bodies of water shall be treated so as not to allow the breeding of mosquitoes.

Treatment shall consist of the application of chemicals to an infected area, which will exterminate the mosquito egg, larva or adult stage of the insect. Treatment shall not endanger the general health, safety and welfare.

Residential Rental Program

Pursuant to Leawood City Code 8-536: No person, firm or corporation shall lease or rent or offer for lease or rent any dwelling unit without first making application

  • No person, firm or corporation shall lease or rent, or offer for lease or rent, a dwelling unit for a period of less than 30 days.
  • No person, firm or corporation shall lease or rent, or offer for lease or rent, a portion of a dwelling unit (must rent the entire dwelling).

Once you have completed the application at the link below, please contact Mitch Bennett at (913) 663-9171 or to schedule an appointment to have the residence inspected for verification there are no life safety issues.

Inspections shall be required upon the initial application and after the dwelling unit has been vacated by one tenant and prior to the re-occupancy by another, except when a dwelling unit has been inspected anytime within the previous six (6) months of such vacation a new inspection shall not be required.

Apply For A Rental License

Code Violations

Report A Violation

If you would like to report a suspected property code violation, simply access our action center or call us at (913) 339-9112. It is most important that you leave the address of the suspected violation and specific detail of the item that you want to report.

Most Common Code Violations

  1. Overgrown weeds and grass
  2. Inoperable / unlicensed automobiles
  3. Peeling exterior paint
  4. Unlawful parking of utility trailer
  5. Parking on lawn
  6. Accumulation of trash & debris
  7. Trash prematurely placed at the curb or stored outside
  8. Construction of detached structures
  9. Excessive home occupation activity
  10. Dilapidated or damaged structures
  11. Illegal signage
  12. Outdoor storage of unsightly materials
  13. Construction projects without permits
  14. Unlawful water discharge
  15. Dead trees and shrubs
  16. Unlawful storage of boats and RV’s

Political Signs

The placement of political signs is governed by both state law and by the provisions of the Leawood Development Ordinance.

Contact Information


Leawood City Hall
4800 Town Center Drive
2nd Floor – East
Leawood, KS 66211


Travis Torrez

Lora Bicknell
Code Enforcement Officer
Area Served: I-435 North to City Limits
Office: 913-663-9172
Cell: 913-238-6773

Mitch Bennett
Code Enforcement Officer
Area Served: I-435 South to 135th Street
Office: 913-663-9171
Cell: 913-238-5323

Wade Thompson
Code Enforcement Officer
Area Served: 135th Street South to City Limits
Office: 913-663-9173
Cell: 913-238-7344