Art in Public Places Initiative

Public Art is an asset that enriches the lives of residents without visiting a museum or formal arts venue, by being staged in the public domain.

Public Art contributes to the identity of a city, stimulates creativity, inspires and educates its citizens, builds community participation, creates partnerships between corporations, government and citizens. It is a magnet for tourism and should create a sense of place. Public art can be thought provoking; start dialogs, and develop human interaction.

The Art in Public Places Initiative (APPI) is a subcommittee of the Leawood Arts Council. APPI is comprised of the APPI Chair appointed by the Mayor, the LAC Chair, one City Council liaison (non-voting), a City Cultural Arts Coordinator and up to five Leawood residents selected by the Chair.

The term “Public Art” may include, but not be limited to the visual and performing arts, creative production of music, drama, dance, creative writing, arts and crafts, film, photocopying or other suitable expression, (including that of an artist as a member of the design team for a building, park land or infrastructure), sculptures, painting, mural, manhole cover, paving pattern, lighting, seating, building façade, kiosk, gate, fountain, play equipment, engraving, carving, fresco, mobile, collage, mosaic, bas-relief, tapestry, photography, drawing, landscape item (including artistic placement of natural material), arches, or other structures of a permanent or temporary character intended for ornament or commemoration. “Public Art” can also be performances, exhibitions, and other activities promoting the enjoyment and appreciation of the arts for Leawood residents.

Mission Statement

The mission of Leawood’s Public Art Program is to integrate highly visible art into the Leawood community for the purpose of creating an enduring, diverse legacy of works to be enjoyed by residents and visitors of Leawood.

Board Members

Michael Shirley, Chair (2022)

Julie Cain, Council Liaison

Chris Claxton
P&R Director

April Bishop
Cultural Arts Coordinator

Anne Blessing (2022)

Dr. Burton Dunbar (2021)

Kim Hinkle (2021)

Carl McCaffree (2021)

Julia Steinberg (2021)

Dan Throckmorton (2021)